An Education in Gratitude

hand drawn chaliceReligious Education Committee

For our entry today, the Religious Education Committee submitted a wonderful list of their gratitudes. We decided to mix it up with some of the contributions to the Gratitude Jar from children and adults of First Parish, to include even more of the voices we’re grateful for this month.

We are the Religious Education (RE) Committee. Under RE Director Tina Schultz, we oversee and support a high-quality RE program, whose goal is to foster the religious growth and development of all children at First Parish.

  • scarlet maples and deep blue skies
  • my kittens
  • a supportive boss

We are grateful to be working with very young children and their parents for what is often their first experience with a church community.

  • walks in the park with my dog
  • my mom, dad, and stepmother, who help take care of me
  • access to abundant clean water

We are grateful to the families who bring their children to Sunday School, especially when it might be easier not to.

  • having a good home
  • snack
  • my Guinea pigs

We are grateful for the opportunity to get to know youth, through OWL and Coming of Age, whom we might not otherwise connect with, and to help them explore their own beliefs and values.

  • the ability to love
  • a larger community for my kids to grow up in that feels like family
  • BOOKS!

We are grateful for the excellent leadership and dedication of First Parish volunteers.

  • my computer
  • having plenty of money
  • old friends

We are grateful to be part of the RE Committee, where every month we learn how to be a deeper person and a better parent.

  • a country where we can disagree and the vote settles our differences
  • my family
  • the rainforests

We are grateful for the opportunity to introduce children and youth to the joys of Unitarian Universalism and being part of a church community.

  • my two beautiful daughters
  • people who say I’m good, contradicting my inner critic
  • quiet moments

We are grateful for the broad range of people, ideas, and skills that our RE children are exposed to here at church that they might not encounter anywhere else.

  • the GLBT movement and the Windsor decision
  • parents who loved me
  • Blue’s Clues

Some of us benefited so much from our years in a UU RE program as children. We are grateful for the opportunity to help a new generation benefit from the First Parish RE program.

  • my partner’s kindness
  • that I still have a mom
  • not getting braces until after Halloween

The RE program is the reason that some of us joined First Parish in the first place: to introduce our children to church and to RE. We are grateful that something we did for our children ended up being a wonderful gift for us. Our gratitude for having First Parish in our lives is immense.

  • so many mentors who have never asked anything in return
  • my friends
  • my doggies

We are grateful for all the adults who volunteer to step out of the sanctuary in order to teach. As parents, we are grateful that our children have relationships with other adults that last for years — that they will grow up in a community that remembers them as difficult, silly, awkward . . . and then bloom to take on leadership roles in Youth Group. We are grateful for this distinctive gift that our community offers to its families.

  • tears
  • TOY!
  • church

As teachers, we are grateful for the opportunity to watch the children progress through each of these stages. We eagerly wait to see those children whom we taught in preK and kindergarten give their credos and participate in the arch of love.

  • maple trees
  • good food
  • my beating heart, my thinking brain, and my loving arms

We are so grateful for the entire RE program at First Parish.



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