A Note of Gratitude

bonnie zimmerBonnie Zimmer

“Write it down”  “Tell them how you feel”  “Send them a letter” “It’s too seldom that people tell each other what they mean to one another”

I have only a few memories of my father that I look back on with pleasure and pride.  From my earliest years if I told him a teacher had done something thoughtful he’d say, “Did you tell her thank you?”   When a store clerk was especially helpful my dad would say “Get his name and write to his manager”.  Helen, the crossing guard, should get a thank you at least once a year.

As a child this was , of course, a chore.  But now it is a pleasure and a joy.  And I’m lucky to have friends and loved ones who learned this lesson as well, so that I can be the recipient as well as the sender of such sentiments.

A few years ago, just a few years after our father died, my goofy older brother sent me something that he said was in honor of our dad.

The heart shaped wooden plaque reads:  “I smile because you are my sister.  I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it”.

But I knew that he really meant “thanks for being my baby sister.”  I knew too that he had likely heard a voice urging him  “Tell her how you feel”  “Send her something”  “It’s too seldom people tell each other what they really mean to one another”.

When I look at this plaque I feel my brother’s love, and smile at his humor.  And I feel pleasure and pride to have had a father who taught me this important lesson.  This one’s for you Dad!


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